UPDATE: Why is this acceptable?


Michelle Malkin reacts to the news that only 210 of the 2,000 promised Border Patrol agents will be added. With links.

And she notes a story about illegal immigrants being dropped off at bus stations by the Border Patrol instead of being actually kicked out. I don’t know if this is due to poor decision-making, general laziness and sloppy work, or simply a side effect of a manpower shortage.

At some point this is going to cost us dearly. But no one even seems to care that our guys are being shot at.


  1. There’s a huge constituancy in this country that want’s continued unfettered illegal immigration. They want their relatives to be able to slide up here and enjoy life in this country without observing inconvenient legal formalities. Too many politicians are afraid of offending this constituency and remain soft on taking the steps necesary to make it unpleasant, unproductive, and painful to be in this country illegally. As long as it’s easy, advantageous, and painless to be an illegal immigrant in the U.S. we’ll be flooded by them. Once the motivation for and advantages of being here illegally are gone so are the illegals. Catching them, retruning them, and failing to strongly prosecute and stimatize employers who use them only treats the symptoms of illegal immagration not the cause. I realize this position is very politically incorrect, but it’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

  2. Just thought I would drop a thought on this. During the state of the union, President Bush went over a migrant worker plan. Now I know there are alot of people who thing Bush is a dummy, but lets just think hypotheically here. Say he gets this plan working. All the guys who are coming over here illigally to just get work can still do it, they just have to go through the checkpoints and its legal that way. Everyone that goes through the checkpoint gets checked in and out of the country and gets a background check. Now there are still going to be people with bad backgrounds or nefarious purposes that want to cross the boarder where they won’t be checked. Now that the ‘Innocent civilians’ are out of these ‘illigal zones’ we can pretty much assume anything in there isn’t supposed to be there and arrest or shoot them as the case warrents without having to worry about shooting some poor migrant worker just trying to make ends meet for his family. Border checkpoints = free fire zone border patrol and if our guys are being shot at, tell them to shoot back…with something along the lines of a morter. I personally would prefer the XM109 payload rifle, but thats me.