Last week I noticed a post on DefenseTech about the Air Force suddenly in a rush for a lot more armed MQ-1 Predator drones.

Today DefenseTech has more: PREDATOR ATTACKS ON TAPE

It seems that the missile-armed drones have been a lot busier than reported.


  1. I just have a comment aimed at the Murdoc the Mighty. In a previous posting, Murdoc states that the answer to the ‘why don’t we do anything about Saudi Arabia’ is that we need to prepare for the effects such an attack would have on world oil prices. First off, I thought terrorism was to be battled, and that it really isn’t about the oil at all. Secondly, in a website hyperlinked at this one, which states the terrorist scorecard, the number one contributor of terrorist personnel and financing, by far, is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now, is this not a much more important issue than the price of Oil. Or is it the current Administration really doesn’t have battling terrorism as a number one priority. Well, we are not doing anything because ‘we need time to prepare for the oil shock’ (Murdoc). How much time exactly? So we will fight terrorism, but not strike at the root of the problem, because that would be a conflict of priorities Importance of Secure Oil Supply MUCH greater than Importance of Battling the primary source of terrorists. Also, Saudi Arabia shows zero movement away from radical Islamic thought and government, so ‘we are giving them the chance to change’ is not a valid excuse. Lastly, I don’t know who your sources are, but the Bush Administration has shown no inclination whatsoever to attack Suadi Arabia. Its not a matter of time, its more that there is no threat whatsoever to the Saudis, no pressure from the American Government. Never has a concrete statement been issued from the US to the Saudis, telling them to change or else concrete steps will be taken. Not even UN style multiple resolutions. Nothing. Therefore, your assertion that we are simply giving them time is totally unfounded. We are giving them a free hand, because the world needs oil. It seems the UN isnt the only organisation proficient at inaction. When the motives are there, the Bush Administration give the UN a run for its money.