UPDATE: New Cammies hitting the field

I recommend another look at ACE’s post on the new digital camo. The comments section has a pretty good summary of the thinking (both pro and con) that this new uniform is surrounded with.

Plus, as a special bonus, I shared a uniform related story that for some reason I never posted on MO:

I was at a logistics (my line of work) conference last fall where a guy from the DoD spoke about their efforts in ID and radio frequency ID in the logistics chain. He noted that, for some reason, RFID tags couldn’t be read through Prell shampoo. (RFID has trouble with liquids, but I guess it’s even worse with Prell.)

Later, while he was talking about embedding RFID chips into the gear itself rather than the shipping containers, someone asked if that wouldn’t allow the enemy to pick our guys up using RFID scanners. He said something to the effect of “if someone’s close enough to pick you up with one of those scanners, you’ve got bigger problems than your RFID chips”.

Afterwords I tracked him down and told him I had a solution for the “enemy tracking our RFID chips” problem: Hose everyone down with Prell before they go out on a mission. Plus it would keep the guys clean and save shower time.

He laughed pretty hard, but said it probably wouldn’t work since the troops would start giving off bubbles if it started raining and then they could be tracked that way.