No valid reason


It’s no great secret that I fully support our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe that military operations in additional places will be required, and I will almost certainly fully support them if/when they come to pass.

I also fully support lavishly spending on our military by the federal government. Not waste, mind you. But if we’re going to order our military to do things, we had better be prepared to pay for in cash what we’re asking them to pay for in effort and blood.

I don’t care that $82 billion is being asked for. I wouldn’t care if it was $182 billion.

What I don’t like is the supplemental way of doing it. Put it in the budget. For what it’s worth, I think that despite the overall increase in spending due to the additional military funds required, it would probably be an easier sell to trim back non-defense spending if the true size of the budget was up front and center.

That’s my two cents. I’d pay six cents if it would help us win faster and better. But don’t tell me you only need two cents, then ask me for four more next week.