More on the Sunnis and the Iraqi elections

Boycotters’ regret

On In The Red Zone:

This was a wake-up call for the Sunnis that boycotting the political process is not the interests of anyone.

— Hashem Hassani, former spokesman of the Iraqi Islamic Party, a Sunni slate that refused to take part in the elections

I’m holding out hope that a lot of Sunnis realize that they missed the first boat, but that they get another chance when the first elections of the permanent government occur.


  1. Excellent point. It may mean that the entire government will be realligned after the second round of elections. As painful as that may turn out to be, it may be the thing that finally reduces the violence there.

  2. Don’t know if you have a subscription to Wall street journal, but here’s an article you’d be interested in: New Factor in Iraq: Irregular Brigades In Iraq, two kinds of military forces are emerging in the battle against insurgents: the planned units and the pop-ups. As more of these irregular units proliferate, U.S. officials face a thorny dilemma: whether to encourage these forces, whose training and experience varies wildly, or to try to rein them in. From reading the article, it seems that US commanders on the ground liked these ‘pop-ups’. They were not intimidated by the insurgents and had lower desertion rates.