Murdoc has returned

I’m back from the Chicago Auto Show. To be honest, that might be the best $10 ticket on the planet. Lots of good stuff. I spent a little bit of time at the Army’s Stryker display and got a bunch of pics. Too tired to write about it tonight, but here’s a taste:

I’ll post more this weekend.


  1. SUPER VEHICLE! Where’s the nearest dealer? I want one! Sorry, I did my time in the green machine, and I’m (at 62) over the age limit for enlistment. I just want one to commute to my office in a snow storm.

  2. Toejam, you might say you want one just to commute, but the second you do Lonnie Shoultz will show up going on and on about how you really want tracks to go to the office, and what if someone fires an RPG at you? The slat armor is an expensive option, and when it’s mounted it won’t fit into a C-130 anyway so what’s the point? How are you supposed to get to work if the Air Force can’t even fly you in without a special waiver? [/sarcasm] And, yes, it really is a super vehicle. I wish that I would have had more time to hang around it, but I was supposed to be looking at, you know, all the CARS there. (And they had a ton.)

  3. umm, your topslot, ie. master your own body weight does not link to the site, but rather to a .gif image on a seperate page (thought u might like to know, as your adverts seem to have slowly affected me.

  4. Vstress: Thanks big-time for the tip. I’ve contacted the advertiser. I think he put the link to the pic in the wrong spot or something. At first I was afraid that it was some pron site or something…I try to keep an eye on those ads to make sure they don’t sneak something in.

  5. Yea, sure…….it would be cool to be the first on your black to have one……..until I showed up in my BRADLEY. TAKE THAT! You Hummer and Styker drivers! LOL! Considering how big some of the long wheel base trucks and SUVs are; a civvie version of the Stryker probably wouldn’t be that much of a hard sell as a ‘hard corp’ top shelf luxo ute. Murdoc…..did you make the Detroit Auto Show this year?

  6. Your correct, as usual Murdoc. The Stryker, as awesome as it is, is definitely out of my league. Ergo, I’m opting for something a tad smaller, sans armor and more economical: A brandy new ‘BAD BOY HEAVY MUSCLE TRUCK’! ‘At a curb weight of more than 3.5 tons, the Humvee-inspired (SISSY) Hummer H1 is no skinny guy who gets sand kicked in his face. But the Bad Boy Heavy Muscle Truck, a dressed-up military vehicle more than twice as heavy, is being billed as bigger, badder and more bodacious. ‘It’s the rugged BUBBA,’ said Daniel Ayres, president and CEO of Homeland Defense Vehicles LLC and its division Bad Boy Trucks. The East Texas company aims to market the machine to civilians with disposable cash and a hankering for more protection from the outside world. A $379,000 version made its public debut in January at the Dallas Safari Club convention.’ Mr Murdoc, could you PLEASE dig into your change pocket and loan me $379,000 so’s I can get delivery on my ‘BAD BOY VEE-HICLE’ next week?

  7. Flanker: Nope, I didn’t make the Detroit Auto Show. I had wanted to go, but it didn’t end up working out. That’s why I was interested in hitting Chicago, and when I heard a Stryker was going to be there I made sure I found the time. Toejam: I hadn’t heard of that Bad Boy before. Ooftah. What a monster.

  8. What? We’re paying over 2 big ones a piece for them and civilians can buy them for under $380K? Oh, I forgot – no military running gear. Makes sense. 😉

  9. If you are ordering a Stryker to be the vehicle for your daily commute, make sure you get the optional slat armor. After all, you dont want your brand new Stryker to get dinged up in the parking lot. If it will stop an RPG, it will stop a shopping cart.