Rangers lead the way in an 8-wheeled armored car

Ranger regiment in Afghanistan to get 16 Strykers

This development escaped my attention until it was mentioned in Strategy Page today.

The 2/75 Ranger battalion will be getting 16 Strykers when they deploy to Afghanistan later this year.

The 75th Ranger Regiment is the Army’s most elite airborne infantry outfit. It is headquartered at Fort Benning, Ga., and its three battalions are stationed at Fort Benning, Hunter Army Airfield, Ga., and Fort Lewis, Wash.

“The Rangers have been looking to upgrade for some time and now, during the war, is a great opportunity,” said a senior special operations officer. “I don’t see it as a mission change, just another tool to prosecute the mission from a protected, versatile mobility platform.” The Rangers have seen the value of the Stryker in urban operations when working side-by-side with Stryker units in Iraq, the officer said.

This should provide some more valuable information about the true performance of the Stryker, especially in less-urban areas than it’s mostly been used in in Iraq.

I’d be curious to know what the mix of vehicle types will be, and how many Humvees and other vehicles will be used in addition to these 16 Strykers. And if the Rangers will be making any changes to the Stryker before they deploy. And if they’re going to utilize the anti-RPG slat armor. And what changes the Rangers will make once they’re in the field.

Basically, I have a lot of questions. But I think this is a good move.