Another one down–11 to go

Six of Diamonds Captured

For the first time in quite a while, one of the cards has been nabbed. About time.

Syria had him and 29 other Baath Party officials. They turned them all over to Iraq. Hopefully this is an indication that Syria is willing to play ball with the new Iraqi government and it’s larger, more-powerful allies.

I’m not holding my breath.


  1. I believe that Syria give up some small fries to placate State Department & Iraq government. It could also be that the guy ran out of money to bribe.

  2. Totally could be, BigFire. That would fit the typical scenario with this sort of thing. But that’s okay. Baby steps. Either to compromise with the new order in the ME or to defeat by the free nations.

  3. Anyone see ‘dirty war?’ tonight – you can play a little game. There’s these terrorists, setting off a dirty bomb in London – suicide bombers. Now close your eyes.. How many Baath party bureaucrats can you picture suicide bombing New York city?

  4. Feb 28, 2005 Suicide bomber kills 106 in Iraq. Another piece of good news demonstrating the improved living conditions in the ‘New, Free Iraq’

  5. Boy……..I don’t know. Syria is defintely the flavor of the week in Lebanon right now. Never thought I’d see that much public resentment against those fun loving, Hezbollah sposoring, bunch of party animals from Damascus. Not to mention….the hot topic here in Israel is Syeria is behind the Tel Aviv night club bombing from last week too. Whole lotta folks right here that would like to bite that Syrian bleep! I think ‘ol Bashar Assad and his crew have successfully replaced Dale Carnegie as the latest experts in ‘how To Win Friends and Influence People’. LOL!