“Crack commando experience is a plus”

Finding The A-team: A Stuffo Experiment

The website Stuffo placed an ad in the Craigslist classifieds for LA:


They got several replies, including:


You really owe it to yourself to check it out. (hat tip to ACE, who thinks we need to “saddle up” and answer the call for help)


  1. Here’s an interesting twist of fate. The actress that was the reporter, ‘ACE’ was in fact my aunt at one point. Her name was Melinda Culea. Her prior history – she was the ‘burger king’ girl in the burger king commercials that had them wearing the funny sort of big hats, they used to wear. The ‘hold thepickles, hold the lettuce’ thing. Can anyone find out where a gay male prostitute who’s using a fake name and evading his taxes – end up in the white house throwing softball questions to the President? I’d like to know. My aunt had to work to join the A-Team. If we’re going to get in, Like James Gannon aka James Guckert got in in the white house ,I’m never going to be the face man for this outfit. But Murdoc you’ve got chopper pilot down wired and ACE can be Mr. T. any day. From the land of milk and honey.. to your door. Blog forevermore.

  2. Very clever the way WindBagger weaves the Gannon stuff (which has NOTHING to do with this post) into talk about the A-Team, isn’t it (NOT!), Murdoc. If I were you, I’d delete the comment. The LEFT is obsessed with the Gannon story, even though even the MSM has not found any indication the White House did anything other than give him a pass, like it did so many more who throw hardball, loaded questions, like that Thomas hag. 11Echo, the resident rep for the LEFT on A-C-E, harps about Gannon frequently. Windbag and Echo must spend a LOT of time at DU. Murdoc, gas up the plane. The destination will be sent to you via encrpted e-mail shortly. Your first mission is to pick up the rest of us, in our various secret locations around the country.

  3. Can I fill your ‘face-man’ slot? Please? I’m no Dirk Benedict, but hey, I’d even let you call me ‘Templeton Peck’ if I could go along for the ride. I can fire a lot of rounds and manage not to hit anything (goes against my training, but I’ll do it) but I refuse to get beat-down like Dirk Benedict. Man, did that guy ever WIN a fight? You’ve got a Hannibal and Murdoc(k), and I know a perfect B.A. How about it?

  4. Fine by me, Chad, but we’ll have to see what Murdock and Mr. T say. Which reminds me: I’ve got to get the shot for Mr. T, to put him out, since we’ll never get him on the plane otherwise. Speaking of planes, don’t forget to follow the flight of the Global Flyer. Fossett has passed the four corners where the four states meet, and expects to land in Salina, KS 1:17PM their time. I’m beginning to wonder if the ‘fuel crisis’ was invented to get more media attention.

  5. It’s o.k., I’m sure we can declare the same kind of emergency for your crop duster. You’ll be back in the spotlight soon.

  6. Great plan, Chuck! We can let it leak out that the crop duster has sprung a leak. Murdoc(k) will be famous for getting us back home safely after the mission anyway. 😉

  7. Satire………..or for real. If it’s satire, I guess it’s ‘sort of funny’. If it’s for real……god help the reporter. I hope her knowledge of military skills is far better than what most reporters possess. Otherwise her interviews with the ad respondents are likely to bag god only knows what kind of goofs, weirdos, wannabes, and psychos (oh yea…and totally by accident maybe one real vet with the necessary skills). What a bleeping crap shoot! LOL! There’s a good reason Soldier of Fortune doesn’t run personal ‘Help Wanted’ and ‘For Hire’ adds……..if this reporter is real; I hope she doesn’t end up in similar straights.

  8. Anybody think Flanker missed the point? It wasn’t real, Man! Oh, and ACE, between Murdoc’s site and Your own, You’ve called me Chet, Chuck, and Charles. Hooked on Phonics. Just a suggestion.:)

  9. Sorry, Chief. I learned a lot from the ‘hooked on fonics’ course. For instance, I used to call a long blade a ‘sord’ but now know I should pronounce it ‘swored.’ Used in context, there’s no confusing it with the past tense of swearing in West Va. 😉 You’re saying it’s not for real, Chad? I’ve got to get Murdoc(k) on the radio and tell him to fly the crop duster back home and nevermind. Or, we can just head on over to prepare to save the first robo soldier which is captured, like we did Cody 😉

  10. Looking for job that I know what to do. No bullshit stuff to come my way and NO hollywood, I ve been there and done it Want the money and no crap. Shadow