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Wounded Italian reporter recalls ordeal

I meant to post about this yesterday, but never got around to it. (That’s happened a lot, lately.)

The incident where US troops manning a checkpoint fired on the car carrying just-released Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena, wounding her, killing the Italian agent who had just negotiated her release, and wounding one or two others, is obviously unfortunate and quite disheartening.

But I was going to note yesterday that I fully expected the occupants of the car to deny that they had sped toward a checkpoint or that warning shots had been fired. My point was going to be that if they had realized they were approaching a US checkpoint or that the soldiers manning the station were firing “across their bow”, they would have stopped. Since they didn’t stop, they must not have been aware of it (however unlikely that might seem to you or me) and would therefore honestly (as far as they knew) say that they were just attacked “out of the blue”.

That’s basically what’s happening now:

ROME – The Italian journalist who was wounded by American troops in Baghdad shortly after being released by her Iraqi captors denied U.S. allegations that the car she was in was speeding…

And here’s the icing on the cake:

…and said Sunday she did not rule out the possibility she was targeted deliberately.

She apparently thinks that because the US military disapproves of negotiating with terrorists (which they do) that they might target those allies who do so.

Now, if Sgrena worked for CNN we’d know that OF COURSE US soldiers had intentionally targeted her. It’s been proven CONCLUSIVELY that the military has it in for the media and that they have declared war on reporters and those that harbor them.

(Folks, that previous paragraph was sarcasm…)

Yes, the US is opposed to negotiating with terrorists. I believe that this is the correct policy, though your mileage may vary.

But to suggest that we’d intentionally fire on a car filled with citizens of a nation that has been a pretty staunch supporter in the war simply because they deal with the bad guys in different manner is quite a stretch.

Cars in Iraq have been trying to run checkpoints since the first hour of the invasion. Many of them have contained enemy officials or terrorists trying to escape or they’ve been driven by suicide bombers. Any vehicle that doesn’t play by the rules is going to get taken out.

The US military is investigating the incident, and I expect that it will reveal the shocking news that the troops on the checkpoint were simply doing what they were supposed to be doing. If it does, it probably won’t make headlines.

Why is that, do you think?

UPDATE: Expat Yank:

“She offered no evidence for her claim. . .”

Yeh, well, who needs evidence. She’s a “journalist”, don’t forget.

UPDATE 2: Actually, Expat Yank has an earlier post with a ton of good links and commentary on the subject. He notes that China’s Xinhua seems more level-headed than the BBC.

He shoots. He scores. Check it out.


  1. The babe’s a FULL BLOWN Commie and hates the United States. She and her insurgent (Terrorists in my book) staged her abduction and through design or happenstance got on the receiving end of some good ole M-4/M-16 launched 5.56 mm rounds. Unfortunately, this little STAGED incident could very well have the same ramification as the Madrid train bombings. The EYE-TIES are only pro-American from the Berlusconi leadership UP. The dogs in the street are as anti-American as the rest of their Euroweenie COMRADES!

  2. I would like to hear more about what the driver had to say besides ‘We’re Italians! We’re Italians!’ upon being shot at. The reporter was seemingly too busy flirting with the Intelligence officer to pay much attention to the road…the drivers job.

  3. Has anyone ever read the rag this commie works for? I’m pretty sure that her next article will say that the CIA was involved with her kidnapping, and that her captors were gentle and caring, and had only good intentions at heart. These people make me sick.

  4. Radio france reported the same story. She claims they were jack-lighted with a spotlight and then fired upon. I think she’s telling the truth. But I don’t give a damn. The longer we’re over there, without a defined enemy, but under attack – the worse its gonna get. You just can’t put a perimeter up for terrorists. You have to blow up their operations from the inside or from deep underground. They are complete idiots. Totally easy to spot. But we’re easier to spot, with our uniforms and all.. It will get worse before it gets better.

  5. On the note of the UK reports, it was said on the news (I live in UK), can’t remember which channel. They said that they had told the US that they were coming through, and were blaming the US for not communicating fast enough. They were claiming that they had passed many checkpoints already. Fair enough, possibly some guy with a radio was slow with communicating some info, maybe he had more pressing issues- considering this is a warzone. But these facts still don’t explain why someone would not slow down at a checkpoint.. especially when they were getting shot at. Who knows, these are journalists- the more they risk themselves the higher their prestige. I actually watched a program on TV of journalists in Lebanon, who approached an Israeli APC in the dead of night- to try to talk to the driver about what he was doing!!!!!! Guess what.. they got shot dead. Journalists are the real threat on our earth in my view.

  6. Boy is she dumb. If the US had targeted her, they would have used Nerve Gas. Doesn’t she watch CNN?