Can’t these people do anything the way it’s supposed to be done?

Boeing forces resignation of CEO

Harry Stonecipher, Boeing’s CEO since the big 767 tanker scandal jettisoned his predecessor in late 2003, has been forced out due to an affair with a female executive.

“Boeing’s primary customers, the airlines and the Pentagon, are still going to keep on buying Boeing’s airliners and weapon systems based on performance and price, not on palace intrigues,” said Robert Friedman, senior aerospace defense analyst for Standard and Poor’s.

The USAF is never going to get new tankers at this rate.


  1. So………..apparently Boeing has higher standards of professional and ethical conduct for it’s execs, than say a previous Presidential Administration? DDOOHH!! LOL!

  2. So what makes you think the machines were targeting and shooting us down accidentally (cue in the theme music from the Terminator)? LOL! Good points in your article…….just highlights what many have been saying for years about the increasing prevelance of taking the ‘human in the loop’ out of many technical functions or processes. Machines may be faster, but they just don’t have judgement (YET!).

  3. Oops…..guess the machines aren’t the ONLY mistaken dummies! The post above was intended for the article on Patriot blue on blue etc. LOL!