And the money kept rollin’ in

Tsunami: American Giving

Chuck Simmins has his latest Stingy List update up. $968.9 million US dollars.


  1. AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR LAWYERS: VICTIMS SUE THAILAND, U.S., ACCOR OVER TSUNAMI! Mon Mar 7, 9:20 AM ET VIENNA (Reuters) – U.S. and Austrian lawyers have filed a lawsuit demanding Thailand, U.S. forecasters and the French Accor group answer accusations they failed in a duty to warn populations hit by December’s Tsunami disaster, a lawyer said Monday. The lawsuit was filed Friday at a New York district court on behalf of tsunami victims by lawyers including U.S. attorney Edward Fagan, internationally renowned for 1990s lawsuits against Swiss banks over Holocaust-era accounts. It demanded an account of their actions on Dec. 26. ‘We expect a hearing within 30 days,’ Austrian lawyer Gerhard Podovsovnik told Reuters.

  2. By the way, the US still has one of the lowest per capita figures for tsunami donations, out of all the highest donators.