UPDATE: Sgrena’s car blah blah blah

Instapundit has an email up that pretty sums up my point much more neatly than I did myself:

But it’s interesting how quickly the American Left accepted, with little reservation, the word of a politically-blinkered writer who openly crusaded against this war (no bias there!). Yet, it refused to give benefit of doubt, much less a full hearing, to its fellow citizens, members of the most highly trained and disciplined military organization in the world. But don’t question their patriotism – they support the troops™.

That’s why I mentioned the hoax theories but didn’t delve in. The credibility of this reporter was already in question before the incident, but she’s immediately given credence that’s immediately denied to US soldiers and officials.

Instapundit also points out an Austin Bay post on Strategy Page. You must read it. Now.

I will not excerpt any of it as that will simply encourage you to not Go Read The Whole Thing.

Everyone should know everything in that aricle by heart already. It’s been said enough times. It makes enough sense. It’s been demonstrated to be real in enough incidents.

Yet every time someone is killed at a checkpoint because they didn’t slow down or follow the rules way too many people cry “bloody murder” (literally) and wring their hands over the injustice of it all.

Those people need to stop pretending. Really.


  1. I read a NYT ysterday about this subject. One of the causes of the problems at the checkpoints is that the ‘rules’ aren’t published or otherewise easily knowable by Iraqis and others; part of the rule (and the problem) is that the rules are to an extent necessarily random and inconsistent, in order to prevent insurgents taking advantage them. One comon scenario, is people simply driving along not noticing any roadblock, hearing a shot or two (the warning shot) and thinking they are being attacked by theives or terrorists they speed up, only to be actually shot at. Better car stopping technology would be a big plus in these matters.