‘Revolutionary’ scooters are recalled after riders fall off

Those little Segway Human Transporter one-man scooters have been recalled. All of them. It seems that when the battery runs low, the gyros that keep the unit upright may fail, spilling riders to the ground unexpectedly. A software patch fixes the scooters.

You can buy an ‘i’ Series at Amazon for $4950. Fortunately for Segway, sales haven’t been all that good, so they only have about 6,000 units to upgrade.

I tried one of these things out last month at a trade show, and I must admit that they’re fun. It took about 20-30 seconds to get up to speed with the balancing act, then I was off. Very intuitive. Loads of fun. It rates high on the ‘cool’ factor. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue what real use they are to anyone.