This means something

Casey: U.S. troop level in Iraq expected to hold steady for ‘next several months’

In a Stars & Stripes article:

Even though attacks against U.S. forces have dropped, attacks continue against Iraqis, in particular the fledgling Iraqi security forces, which are losing members to suicide bombers and other insurgent weapons almost daily.

The insurgents are “clearly going after Iraqi security forces more, that’s kind of a steady thing,” Casey said.

This means a number of things. First of all, the willingness to engage US forces (or the number of those willing to) has dropped of significantly. Secondly, the insurgency sees the Iraqi security forces as the real threat now.

Not that the Iraqi police and army is the insurgency’s greatest enemy today. But the bad guys (and ‘bad guys’ they are despite the hand-wringing of those who don’t approve of such labels) must see the writing on the wall. They know where this is going to lead, and it’s not a decade-long quagmire run by US forces.

They have seen and heard the outcry of the Iraqi people over attacks against Iraqi service members and civilians. They’ve seen the beginnings of opinion turn against them for their barbaric acts. But they still think they need to blow up men standing in line to join the police force.

That means, that despite the rage it’s generating in the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, the bad guys are willing to continue the campaign. They know that this game is for keeps and that if the Iraqi forces get established the insurgency will be swept away.

Add to this the fact that Iraqis keep lining up to join the military and the police despite the threat and you have the beginnings of something great for this new nation. There’s a long, long way to go. But they’re on the right track.

And the insurgents know it.