Flag picture

Mrs. Murdoc came up with this last night, and I liked it so much that I’m posting it. Click pic for full-size.

It was taken just at dawn one day this past September at the Ingalls Homestead in DeSmet, SD. Although tough to see in this modified form, the flag was fairly ragged. A real veteran of the prairie winds.

And it was quite chilly that morning. We camped on the homestead, and it was pretty neat knowing that Pa, Ma, Laura, Mary, and Carrie had really worked and played right where we were standing. My wife was reading the ‘Little House’ books to the kids at the time, and that previous evening we had all heard about Mary getting packed up and taken to the train so she could go off the the Iowa School for the Blind in 1881. The evening before she left, she and Laura walked over the hill from their little house down to the wallow on their homestead to make their farewells at one of their favorite play spots.

It was quite something to take the kids out the next morning and walk up that hill and look down on the wallow. “Here’s the hill, guys,” I told them. “Here’s where Laura and Mary walked. Not a hill like this. THIS hill. They probably walked right past where we’re standing.”

I recommend that anyone with children make sure that they experience the ‘Little House’ books. Good stuff. The television show wasn’t bad, as I recall, but it’s not the same. Read the books to them, or have them read them for themselves.

And if you like the picture, feel free to download it and share. (An even larger version is here.) And if you like it, let me know so that I can tell my wife.


  1. Dave: Thanks for the heads up on the TB problem. You’re actually the second one to point it out, but I had forgotten again. It’s fixed now. Bubblehead: I used to watch the show almost every afternoon after school. Definitely better than 99% of what’s on the tube, especially these days.