Murdoch Coats of Arms

This is the Scottish coat of arms for Murdoch. Although I don’t have the ‘h’ at the end (or even a ‘k’), and I don’t have a single drop of Scottish blood in my veins, I’ll pretend I belong. The motto is “Omine Secundo” which means “Under favorable auspices.”


  1. Just started researching the name and found your site interesting, although I have also found 2 other different coats of arms – how many are they ?

  2. I don’t really have any idea how many different CoA there are for ‘Murdock’ and its variations. I’ve only seen this one and another one that is nearly identical to it. ‘Murdoc’ is isn’t even my real name. But I’d be interested in seeing other coats of arms. Feel free to post links here if you want.