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Report sees holes in U.S. aviation security

Wow. They’re really on top of this.

The nation’s aviation system remains vulnerable to attacks by al-Qaida and other terrorists who may be targeting noncommercial aircraft and helicopters, according to a government report.

But officials said the report by the Homeland Security Department and the FBI concludes that commercial airlines also remain susceptible to attack, despite billions of dollars worth of security investments. Moreover, members of al-Qaida are believed to be examining and testing U.S. security systems for weaknesses, officials said.

Although skeptical of the recent rumors of orders to attack the American homeland directly, I don’t doubt that our air ways are still pretty insecure and that our enemies are continually working to find weaknesses.

They are patient. They will find a hole. They will exploit it.

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The lead paragraph blames the “Bush administration” directly. Beyond that, there’s no doubt that between the Air Marshal fiasco, the ability of average people to sneak all sorts of stuff onto airliners after they’ve warned the FBI that they’re going to do it, the ACLU (need I say more?), a change in pat-down methods due to sensitivity of the patees, and now this, our airlines are simply not secure in any meaningful way. It’s not that we aren’t capable (though there’s no doubt it’s a very tall order) but that we aren’t serious enough about it. That, I guess, I will blame on the Bush administration, at least in the sense that they should be providing leadership.

On a side note, one thing I find rather amusing is that ran this story over the weekend: U.S. official downplays Zarqawi report. Maybe I’m overly sensitive or maybe I’m looking for controversy where there isn’t any. But why do I have the feeling that if the DHS had issued a warning and/or raised the terror alert level we’d be seeing stories about how they’re jumping at shadows or how the Bush administration is keeping us all in a state of fear like Goering said or something?