Comments down?

It appears that comments are down. My host probably had to disable them due to the fact that I’ve been getting bombed by comment spam for the past couple of day. I apologize for the bastards that made this necessary. They’re really sorry. Really.

Also, there’s now comment moderation in place since I upgraded to MT 3.15. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing about this. But have no fear. Your comment will be posted.

Here’s a comment I was trying to post on the XM8 will have to compete post:

Chad: There already is a 100-round drum magazine for the XM8 (for 5.56, anyway – things obviously might be different if a different cartridge were chosen).

And I think the “quick-change” confusion with the XM8 stems from their claims of the barrel being able to be changed quickly compared to an M16/M4. They’re not talking about real “quick-change” mid-fight for a SAW gunner.