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U.S. gives Iraqis control of border

Iraqi forces have been given the responsibility of providing security along a 210-mile stretch of the border with Iran. This is a good move in the sense that we are allowing the Iraqis to take more responsibility for their country, and it takes a little pressure off of our guys over there, who previously patrolled the area. The US will retain an advisory role.

“If this experiment is successful in Diyalia province, then it is an example for all of Iraq,” declared Lt. Col. Reggie Allen, commanding officer of the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry, standing just near the border.

I hope this works. If the Iraqis are successful, this could lead the way to much bigger and better things. More than additional troops, what we need in Iraq are Iraqi forces to provide basic security and policing.