Now this is how you stage a protest


I’ve been remiss about posting on the developments in Lebanon (and the ‘Stans, for that matter). Instapundit is a good place to catch links to those that are keeping tabs. I found this at Wizbang, which notes that American anti-war protesters should be ashamed of their own pathetic efforts.


  1. I don’t think you would catch any US protesters these making a American Flag in this manner (rightside up anyway), maybe Protest Warrior could try.

  2. rightside up anyway’ LOL. That’s for sure. I meant more from an organizational/teamwork approach. So many anti-war crowds look like a some random collection of misfits and outcasts. I don’t mean that because I disagree with their message (though I do) but because they don’t look like credible people 99% of the time. Remember that ‘I’m Sorry’ site? Where people would put their pictures up with an ‘I’m sorry’ to the whole world for Bush getting re-elected? 99% of those looked like total nutjob losers. I’m sure that not all of them were total nutjob losers (30-40% of them, tops) but why didn’t they try *not* looking like total nutjob losers? You’d think even the actual total nutjob losers would try to avoid looking like a total nutjob loser. Can you imagine a San Fransisco anti-war protest getting a bunch of people organized to make a big sign like this flag? Even if it was a huge ‘BusHitler’ sign, they’d never manage it.

  3. I was looking at old posts just a few minutes ago, and followed a link to the ‘I’m Sorry’ (looking) web site. You can check on pictures on a ‘by-state’ basis. I was very very happy to see that there were none from my state. Or from the states to our N or S either. West of us didn’t have any either. I was so proud!

  4. Murdoc, San Franciscan protestors did a few years back make a few big signs for the Golden Gate bridge…not sure how big, because after the few hours it took me to pry my way through the City that day, the signs were taken down, so I dunno about quality. But blocking the bridge was a cheap and effective way to annoying many commuters. 🙁