What is the winner going to do with it?

Mom Uses eBay To Sell Monster Under Child’s Bed

A reader tips me off to this story:

One of the duties of a parent is to make sure the monster under their child’s bed is held at bay — even when the monster exists solely in that child’s imagination.

One local parent had a high-tech solution to the problem — she has put the monster up for auction on eBay.

Kathleen Tait had her daughter draw the monster under her bed and is selling the image on the online auction site, WCAU-TV in Philadelphia reported.

Let’s say that selling an image of the monster is the same as actually ridding the area under the bed of the monster itself. Isn’t this teaching the wrong lesson?

Next thing we know, Kofi Annan will be eBaying pictures of the genocidal killers in the Sudan on eBay.

Anyway, there’s a FR thread on this, and I posted this as a comment:
NEWT: My mommy always said there were no monsters—no real ones—but there are.
RIPLEY: Yes, there are.
NEWT: Why do grown-ups say that?
RIPLEY: Because usually, they just sell them on eBay.

But we all know what happens when communications with the colony on LV-426 are lost and colonists can’t list items on eBay.