Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms…Who’s bringing the chips?

(Okay, so that’s an oldie…)

ATF to join in fight against roadside bombs

The ATF has been training Iraqi security forces to deal with IEDs since 2003, but now they will be allowed to visit actual bomb sites. They will be observers only. Presumably, this will make them not only more effective trainers, but it will also give them more real-world experience that may be useful in other areas as well.

Also, a reader notes a story in Jane’s: US begins to counter IED threat in Iraq . It includes:

In recent months, US soldiers in the Baghdad area have located a larger than ever number of IEDs before they detonate, due partly to what is described by one intelligence officer as “sloppy ordnance work by second-tier contractors”.

This is what I mean when I say that we will continue to make it more and more difficult for our enemies to do business by killing or capturing their operatives. I know that we will never destroy all terrorists, and that many times killing a terrorist will simply create another terrorist bent on revenge or honor or something.

But we have been systematically taking down a large part of the trained and experienced core of international terrorism in Iraq, whether the “flypaper theory” holds any water or not. As we kill/capture more insurgents/terrorists, take more of their weaponry off the street, and make it more expensive for them to operate, we gain “ground” in the war.

Every bomb maker we kill, every mortar tube we confiscate, makes it harder for the “minutemen” to attack our soldiers or undermine the legitimate government of Iraq.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.