So do we need to be more draconian or less draconian?

Violent crime spurs nostalgia for Taliban

The WaPo covers Kandahar:

A wave of crime in this southern Afghan city — including Mohammed’s killing two months ago and a bombing Thursday that killed at least five people — has evoked a growing local nostalgia for the Taliban era of 1996 to 2001, when the extremist Islamic militia imposed law and order by draconian means.

Nostalgia for the the Taliban. Maybe. I’m certainly willing to believe that there are some individuals who long for the bad old days, and I’m even more willing to believe that there are many folks who long for the “order” of the old regime.

Of course, most of those who do so aren’t the ones who suffered under the old regime.

As for the angle of this article, I guess I need some clarification on what should be done. The US military can do draconian, if it wants. In fact, that is probably a far easier and safer mission than the one they’re on in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So do we get more draconian? Set up and run more brutal prisons? Be a lot quicker on the trigger when we sense trouble? Flatten houses that might contain insurgents or kidnappers? If the warlord/police cannot keep order should we send in the Rangers to shoot the place up? Dead people are not disorderly. Is that the answer? Isn’t that what the article is telling us the locals are nostalgic for?

I wonder how that would be covered in the press.