Comments working better

Since I upgraded MovebaleType a week ago I’ve been unable to turn off comment moderation, meaning that I had to manually approve every comment before it actually posted on the site.

The problem was that some old files from the previous MT-Blacklist installation were still hanging around.

See this thread for more details.

I’ve removed the offending files and now comment moderation is disabled. When you post a comment it should appear on the site immediately. I apologize for any inconvenience.


  1. Murdoc, Thanks to your comment on A-C-E, I realized the Greeks apparently weren’t talking about the M1911 pistol (even though I know of no revolver of any great significance introduced in that year). So, I deleted the entire post. Just wanted to let you know why it’s no longer there, since you commented to it. ACE

  2. Cool, ACE. That was just a weird article. Thanks for pointing it out. Now I’m curious to know what they were really talking about, but I doubt we’ll ever find out.