Huge boost in Predator fleet coming

Predators Proliferating and Going to Reserve Units (03/21/2005 entry)

The current fleet of Predators, 3 squadrons, is going to grow to 15 squadrons over the next five years. And three of the additional squadrons will be in Reserve units.

This was expected, because of the ability of the UAV to be flown by controllers based anywhere on the planet. Reservist Predator crews would be preferred for this, as the reservists could operate out of their home bases, and not be sent overseas. Moreover, Predator crews don’t need as much training, to be effective, as crews that are actually in the air.

Also, some of the new units will be based in colder climates, in part to work on overcoming a major problem that the Predators have: ice.

These numbers don’t include CIA-operated Predators.

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