Ghost Carriers?

Glenn Reynolds points out a Regime Change Iran article that notes three carrier battle groups are headed for or already in the Middle East.

The article notes that the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT might be on the way from the Atlantic to the eastern Med and that the USS CARL VINSON is on the way to the Persian Gulf. The USS HARRY TRUMAN is already in the Gulf. There haven’t been three carriers in the region at the same time in over a year.

But I’m not so sure about the ROOSEVELT. According to Global Security, the last entry is Flight Deck certifications beginning on 12 January. Now, that’s been over two months, so I guess anything’s possible.

But while looking for more info I came across this article (which is identical to the Regime Change Iran posting but over a week older) that includes

Update: As submitted by Betty J: “My son serves on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and I know for a fact he is at home. Just thought I’d pass that along. I also read a similar article at – somebody didn’t verify their info. “

So, as much as I think some sabers are going to be rattled pretty loudly in Syria’s direction over the next few months, I don’t think the carriers are converging on the Middle East as we speak.

Of course, maybe that’s what they want us to think.


  1. Maybe we should just go into Syria, round up the Baathists hanging out there as well as any munitions (WMD or conventional) they’re storing there, and then get out. If that doesn’t convince Iran it needs to forget about having nuclear weapons, we can do the same thing there next. Syria and Iran seem to be buying the leftist media reports that the US military is overextended already and Iraq and would not dare take on a new operation. They just might learn differently. Sorry for being so long-winded, but I’m not in a position to post an A-C-E, so I’m rambling on here. Some units already in Iraq might be able to be used in this lightning strike operation, which Rummy & Co. is best at. The 82nd needs a real airborne operation to test out its latest euipment and doctrine. And, it remains prepared to deal with emergencies anywhere in the world, on short notice. (It just doesn’t have any mechanized armor now.) Which reminds me, I’ve got to check on whether the MGS prototypes were ever made operation, as announced last year. They would come in handy in such an operation, until the armored units arrived from Iraq.