UPDATE: Why aren’t people all over ‘W’ for this?

President loses support among men, other core backers

A Gallup poll shows Bush’s approval rating slipping from 52% to 45%. The slip includes a significant drop in numbers of what are normally considered to be his strongest supporters. Reasons given in the article include Terri Shiavo, gas prices, and Social Security.

I didn’t participate in the poll, but a reason that my support may have slipped (slightly) would be the continued irrational approach to illegal immigrants.

I’ve wondered why this continues to bother me so much. After careful consideration and reflection, I think I’ve figured it out.

It still bothers me so much because it still hasn’t been fixed.

A commenter in the previous post points out that some “Tighty-Righties” ARE, in fact, all over W on ‘W’ about this at Free Republic. I look over FR irregularly, sometimes poring through it carefully and sometimes not even bothering to visit for days (or even weeks) at a time. Although I think it is light years ahead of Democratic Underground in both content and discussion, it’s still fairly top-heavy with ignorant boobs.

And, I’d like to point out, those “Tighty-Righties” are exactly the folks that slipped in the Gallup poll. Like me, they almost all still support Bush overall. But there’s no doubt the guy isn’t above petty politics.

I’m just very frustrated over Homeland Security, and I think the biggest single problem (though there are many, many problems) is the illegal immigrant issue.

I’m all for letting people into America. After they’ve passed a basic check. If they don’t follow the rules, they automatically fail. And you don’t fix the problem by relaxing the laws and granting amnesty to those that have broken them in the past.

I don’t pretend that people are mad enough about this to have lowered his approval rating. Which, in itself, is sad. But there are a number of issues that his core supporters think he’s wrong on. And this is probably at the head of the line. If ‘W’ suffers for this, it’s his own fault.


  1. The pres. needs to come into his own. The American public is saying they hate Karl Rove. Thats nothing new. Everyone hates Karl Rove. The real thing is, bush has a head for stats, like baseball management – but you have to take the guts to go out and really put your bullpen into it. The real issue with W is that the idiots are still in charge. W has rotated out his cabinet but he’s yet to set a direction. I’m hoping he’ll jettison Karl Rove.