The latest fashion

The waves of pro-democracy protests continue.

Tsunami city in many corners of the globe.

I honestly believe that there is more than a little bit of ‘fad’ craze going on, though it’s certainly a fad that I wouldn’t mind seeing catch on for more than a month or two.

Remember, though, that all these people clamoring for democracy have never known it before, and therefore can’t really be expected to manage it. It’s probably for the best that they remain as they are.

After all, I’m told that Iraq is far worse off now than under Saddam.

The latest hot spots: Belarus, Taiwan, Bahrain, Iran, and, of course, Kyrgyzstan. I’ve been shirking my duty, lately. I’ve barely been covering these places. Or even Lebannon for that matter. All the links I grabbed are via Instapundit.


  1. Yeah.. here in the UK we have a serious lack of info on Kyrgyzstan. Especially after the media is so critical on the US government ignoring events in countries outwith their interests. I hate the media.