Murdoc’s tip to Iraqi insurgents: Stop insurgenting and get on the bandwagon

Iraqi Baathist Exit Strategy: Turn in Zarqawi

Plan ‘A’, obviously, was to return Saddam (or at least the Baathists) to power.

Plan ‘B’, if that failed, was to turn Iraq into a storm of chaos and destruction, unruled and unrulable.

Plan ‘C’ was to at least keep the Iraqi government from setting up shop and getting the Americans out of the cross hairs.

Plan ‘D’, probably, is to go out in a blaze of glorious martyrdom.

And while there are plenty of folks who would be satisfied with Plan ‘D’, most of them aren’t the martyrs themselves.

Despite the huge lie of WMDs and the obvious plans to steal the oil, it seems that many Iraqis might be perfectly happy to live in a new democratic nation and take control of their destinies. And some of them are the dead-enders.

There is room to maneuver, here. I wrote previously that a willingness to negotiate with some of the insurgents is important, though we (and especially the new Iraqi government) needs to be picky about who it lets off the hook and who it doesn’t.

Expect to see stories about how the Shia and Kurd dominated government is much harder on Sunni rebels than on others. They probably won’t mention that the overwhelming majority of rebels are Sunni.