Homeland Insecurity, Part x+1

Logan hasn’t learned post-9/11 lessons: Airport sweep uncovers lax security, nets 14 aliens

Via Jay Tea at Wizbang: Logan Airport, the departure point for two of the 9/11 planes, is apparently symbolic of what I think is wrong with America’s World War 4 security: Just about everything.

In what amounts to the largest security breach at Logan International Airport since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, more than a dozen illegal immigrants with unfettered access to the terminal – and possibly beyond – were arrested at the airport yesterday, according to a source and federal officials.

Relatives and loved ones of victims killed in 9/11 called the security lapse a “disgrace.”

“They’re putting everybody at risk,” said Mary Bavis, the mother of Mark Bavis, who was on United Flight 175, one of two planes hijacked out of Logan and crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York. “I just can’t understand how that can happen. We’re supposed to have so much more security.”

The 14 Brazilian nationals – 12 men and women, and two juveniles – worked as airport janitors for Hurley of America, a company with offices in Stoneham, officials said. One of the men was wanted on a fugitive warrant for evading deportation. [emphasis mine]

This particular story neatly summarizes my disgust with failed/ignored improved security measures AND the illegal immigrant problem. George Bush, who I support fully on most issues, wants to give these guys a free pass.

Well, not these guys, I’m sure he’d say if you asked him. These guys present a potential security hazard. But the other 11 million guys are all okay. They just want a better life for themselves. And besides, some of their family members are registered voters.

At least I’m not bitter.


  1. Yeah, while some things possibly can be changed, but sadly in this modern computer world, when there really is a will, there usually is a way. I think some of these immigrants have as big a will to get into the US as the terrorists to destroy it. My point being that I really dont know if we will ever reach the effectiveness that is required to stop those who are sworn to hurt the US. Not that we should not try though.