Getting Paid to Hold a Sign

Random Nuclear Strikes points out the lowdown on professional protesters:

“I was walking through the Dallas airport with some colleagues and one of them recognized two of the same protestors we had seen outside the event in Albuquerque. We had some extra time, so we decided to talk to them. They were very polite and explained to us they had just come from protesting an event nearby. One of them very quickly identified themselves as professional protestors.”

“Not that they just liked to protest, but that they actually got paid by liberal interest groups to travel the country protesting. Here they were, sitting in the airport TGI Friday’s having a burger and getting ready to travel to New Orleans for another protest. They were good kids and wanted to talk. We tried discussing some of the benefits of Social Security reform. They listened, but weren’t too interested. Not because they had opposing views, they just said they weren’t too educated on the details. They even admitted they didn’t know who it was they were going to protest in New Orleans.”

Reminds me of a guy I knew. Except he didn’t need to be paid. I’ve mentioned him before:…he was seriously thinking about going to Washington, DC, to take part in a protest. Impressed that he felt so strongly about a cause to travel all the way to Washington, I asked what he was protesting.

This is absolutely true.

He shrugged and said he wasn’t sure, and did I know if there was a schedule of planned protests so he could see what worked out for him schedule-wise?


  1. Tell me you’re not surprised. I’m not. Don’t pay a journalist to tout your opinion, have some kid with a sign do it, then have the local media record it. You don’t have to pay the kid near as much, and it still gets the coverage. Hey, this is just the cheap way of doing it!

  2. Something tells me we have come a loooong way from the Montgomery-Selma March of 40 years ago. oh well that’s what Free Enterprise is all about…I guess. I’ll stick to pressing the copy button at Kinkos.