DefenseTech all over it these days

ROBODOC GETS PENTAGON CASH: A reader tipped me off to this story yesterday, but DT beat me to it. This thing is like the Terminator, only nicer.

NAVY’S NEW TARGET: SWEDISH SUB: I noted the plan to contact out aggressor work for our anti-sub force last fall, and now it’s official. We’re leasing a GOTLAND-class sub and crew from Sweden to practice against. The GOTLANDs are diesel-powered and have Air Independent Propulsion, the latest and greatest in the world of underwater quietness. As one who’s long begged our military to not ignore the threat of quiet subs (sort of the guerrilla fighter in naval warfare) I like this move. There will be some US personnel aboard as observers, and I hope we run these tests in a realistic manner. If it means a carrier gets “sunk”, don’t change the rules. We need to know how this sort of confrontation would go down.

DARPA: TRANSLATE THIS: An electronic device for fast 95% accurate translations. Of anything. DT even has a pic of the Gorn up.

MISGUIDED “MINUTEMEN”: DT doesn’t like the Mexican border “Minuteman” idea and raises some good points. But there is a very serious problem down there, official agencies are simply incapable of handling it, and the government shows no inclination to beef up security.

Related: In a development totally 100% not related to the “Minutemen” in any way, shape, or form, U.S. agency poised for big border security operation. Critics and federal agencies will naturally deny it, but this is already a victory for the “Minutemen”.

The goal is to “establish and maintain operational control” of the border, according to planning documents for “Operation Full Court Press,” the initiative’s code name. The operation will redeploy Black Hawk helicopters and significant numbers of air and ground resources from around the country, the documents say.

I’m sorry. But it seems to me that if we need to “establish operational control”, that means we don’t have it right now.

Let me repeat: We do not have operational control of our border. That’s apparently official.

This operation is a good thing, but it’s being put together by pulling resources from other areas. This operation should be temporary, and the exit strategy should be to stand down when no more illegals are crossing over.


  1. Interesting that on MSN tonight there was an article that the Border Protection Unit of DHS is beefing up the forces on a 370 mile stretch of Arizona Border by 25% to over 2500 officers. The operation is called Operation Full Court Press. Now, you don’t suppose it is because of the Minuteman Project showing them up? It may also be due to the threat by Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 (a Central-American Crime/Terrorist gang often involved in smuggling peopel across the border) to target members of the Minutemen.