Donald Sensing’s son, USMC

Over at Camp Lejeune

Rev. Sensing of One Hand Clapping has a son in the Marines. He’s got some pics up from a visit this past weekend. His son is assigned to an AAVP7A1 amtrack.

A former Marine left a comment in another post that driving one of these things is like “driving a house.”

I posted a pic of a whole neighborhood of Marines making their way north some time back. Can you believe those amtracks have put so many miles on them?


  1. Are those vehicles you posted the picture of in Nov 2003 the same as the one that Donald Sensing posted the picture of? The Amphibious Attack vehicle? If so, it is amazing that they look equally as adept/intimidating on land as on sea. A marvel of engineering, indeed!

  2. Yeah, they should be the same vehicle. Of course, maybe slightly different models or something. But the same AAVP7A1. The ones in the pic from 2003 obviously have a lot of gear (and dust) on them. They just drove up from Kuwait. And yes, they’re pretty amazing. The replacement is to be the AAAV, a controversial (what new weapons system isn’t controversial?) amtrack that is designed to be far superior to the current one.

  3. My boss commanded a AAVP7A1 for 9 months in Iraq. What great stories. There are Straight-Leg (older) and Rammer versions. The boss’ weapon of choice was the turret-mounted 40mm grenade launcher. He has loads of photos of his vehicle (DUKE). I have e-mailed some of the toy/replica companies to add these amtracks to their product lines. They have served us well and distinguished themselves in battle – they deserve to be included in our collections.