Oh no! There are more people imprisoned in Iraq than there were six months ago!

Iraq prison population doubles in 5 months

In an article that spends a lot of time going over the Abu Gharib disgrace (just in case someone was unaware of it, I guess), the AP then goes on to wonder how many of the latest prisoners are also being abused.

Five months ago, the military said it was holding about 4,300 prisoners in Iraq. The growth in the prison population has come amid a lingering insurgency in Iraq and despite the formal transfer of power to an interim Iraqi government last June.

I’m not really sure why the transfer of power would decrease the number of prisoners.

A human rights group was issuing a report Wednesday saying the rising number of detainees increases the risk that the prisoners will be mistreated. The report from New York-based Human Rights First says secrecy about the prisoners is also increasing, citing the refusal of military officials to discuss the number of prisoners in Afghanistan since January.

I thought this story was about Iraq. But, whatever it takes to make your point, I guess.

I’m going to pull my own change-of-geography for a bit.

This situation reminds me of the hand-wringing stories that come out from time to time over here with headlines like “1 of every 75 men in prison” and decrying that fact that prison populations are up despite a drop in the crime rate.

Hello, McFly! Think the two statistics might be related in some way?

Violence in Iraq is down. What’s the thinking?

Attacks against US troops, Iraqi security forces, and civilians are way down. Time to let a bunch of prisoners back out onto the streets!

I’m just saying.