Murdoc out on patrol

Intel confirms that there are a number of wineries in the Leelanau Peninsula region of Michigan that likely contain high-value targets.

MO has no comment other than to say the situation is going to be watched very closely and that communications will be blacked out until late tonight or perhaps even tomorrow, although sources familiar with the situation and speaking on a condition of anonymity suggest that operations in the area may be imminent.

UPDATE: Acting off tips from locals, MO discovered several significant caches in the region. They are currently being catalogued and will be destroyed shortly. All in all, a very successful mission.


  1. You’ve done a fair job of spoofing the non-MI among us; the references to obscure NW MI geographical areas have done the trick. Spent more than a few week ends, in the past, trolling around the peninsula ourselves, and always enjoyed it. It was fairly easy for us, as my sister & brother-in-law lived in the hills just N of Traverse, and made a very convenient way station during our recon of the area. Wink, wink! Saw the Blue Angels over the bay in 1995 (or was it ’96?) during the Cherry Festival——-absoultely killer show. Have a good week end! PS: Remember; no search & destroy on the wineries (you’re too old for that any more)………photo recon only! LOL!