Can you BELIEVE this?

Heinous Scams

A woman in Ohio faked her daughter’s leukemia to make money, according to Wizbang.

According to the Kansas City Star

Teresa Milbrandt shaved her daughter’s hair and gave her sleeping pills to make it appear she was receiving chemotherapy, made her wear a protective mask and put her in counseling to prepare for death, police said. Authorities said the Milbrandts fooled 65 people and businesses into donating an estimated $31,000 for their daughter’s treatment.

For $31,000? Are you kidding me? I mean, for a couple of mil, maybe, but 31,000 stinking dollars? She’s going to jail for 6 1/2 years. Good.

So is dad. For unpardonable stupidity, I guess. He really thought his daughter had cancer!

He has said his wife handled all doctor visits and medical bills and that he believed her when she said their daughter had cancer.

I can see him not catching on initially, but he couldn’t have been involved in any meaningful way in his daughter’s life if he didn’t know the whole thing was a sham. Disgraceful.

The girl, now 8 years old, is now in a foster home.


  1. Sometimes (much like the Hummer pictured further down the page) I’m kind of ashamed to be an American. (Though it quickly passes.) Bet this wouldn’t happen in the DPRK or Iran… ***