I’m the Centerville Ghost


In lieu of real posting, I’m going to show my results on another one of these political position quizzes. I live right up the road from George W, but I’m guessing his answer to the one on immigration and my answer to the one on immigration aren’t the same. (via Flightpundit)


  1. Well, I’ve not taken that particular test, but a similar one I’ve taken tells me I’d probably end up right about where you are. And, ya know, immigration is the one that I think moves me North of GWB, as well. And, on an unrelated note, I’m to the left and south of Tony Blair, in the last such test I took. As I’d say to my proctologist, if I had one, ‘Go finger’.

  2. I landed right on Drew Carey – knew I liked him. My problem with the survey was the way the questions were posed. ‘The Government’ is too vague an assumption for me. I believe in a literal reading of the Constitution so my answers could be very different if the question started with ‘The Federal Government’ versus ‘Your State Government.’ I think the federal government should be as small as possible outside of national defense