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Hackers quickly adapt PSP for other uses

The new Sony PSP seems to be getting pretty good reviews, and I’ve seen several articles like this one detailing all of the other things clever folks can use them for.

One man needed only 24 hours to get a working client for Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, an older messaging platform.

“I was on IRC, and someone mentioned how cool it would be to use their PSP on Wi-Fi at Starbucks to talk to people over IRC. I said, ‘I can do that’, so I began working on it immediately,” said Robert Balousek, creator of PSPIRC (, in an email interview.

Balousek said as many as 100,000 people may have visited the IRC client, and he is starting work on a new project that would let PSP users chat on the AOL Instant Messenger network.


Other “hacks” include a way to transfer TV shows recorded by the TiVo digital video recorder to the PSP, a program for reading ebooks and a viewer for comics downloaded from the Internet.

Much of the new PSP functionality comes from using the Web browser built into the racing game “Wipeout Pure,” which was meant to go to a Sony site. By changing some of the PSP’s network settings, the browser can be pointed to an Internet portal.

Think there’s demand for a PSP version of Murdoc Online? Me neither.

There’s more info about transferring TiVo shows to your PSP at PVR Blog.

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