VINSON strikes

Vinson Hornets hit enemy position near Baghdad


Navy Times:

The two Hornets, from Strike Fighter Squadrons 147 and 154, each dropped a 500-lb. laser-guided bomb and struck the position, 5th Fleet said. The pair returned safely to the Vinson, which is currently operating in the Persian Gulf.

The Vinson has four deployed Hornet squadrons, all assigned to Carrier Air Wing 9.

This sort of thing, of course, goes on every day over there. The reason I point it out is that the VINSON was one of the three carriers that some thought were converging on the Middle East for something big. As I pointed out at the time, the VINSON was replacing the TRUMAN. I guess if the TRUMAN doesn’t make it back on schedule we’ll know something might be up.

The third carrier in question was the ROOSEVELT, which is in the Atlantic in the middle of flight operations certification. She recently landed her first aircraft in four years after an extensive overhaul. The VINSON will be going into the yard when her current deployment is over.