Random Linkagery

Congress may extend daylight-saving time: It really seems to me that the whole Daylight Saving Time issue is fairly arbitrary, so it doesn’t really matter what they do with it, or if they eliminate it completely. But this article says that 10,000 barrels of oil a day can be saved over the course of the two extra months, and if that’s true it’s probably worth at least a discussion. (via a reader)

To defeat Africa’s Mugabes, Elect an African pope: I don’t know what it’s going to take to call attention to the African situations (especially the Sudan and AIDS) but Austin Bay thinks maybe an African Pope might do the trick. (via Wizbang)

Pardon Our Apprehension: Space Shuttle launch director Mike Leinbach explained that a crack in the foam insulation on the external tank was not a problem. This should be the safest Shuttle mission ever. But I’m not convinced.

Iraqi Army Takes Out Terrorist Base: An ambush ended with the defeat of an established insurgent camp by Iraqi military forces, US Special Operators, and a ton of American supporting units.


  1. Wow, the comments on that shuttle article are so uninformed. Like there was ever such as thing as a riskless ascent to space. And like there’s anything such as a multi-hundred-tonne piece of technology where everything is always working perfectly all at the same time, there are no cracks, etc. There’s only so much effort you can go to to make something safe. If they say a small crack is no cause for concern, I’m sure they know better than I, or you, or any of the people in the peanut gallery. I think it would be far worse to be too scared to use the Space Shuttle than it would be to go through another 10, 20, 50 or more launches and have something go wrong again. As long as the people on board are happy it’s safe enough, and the people on the ground are willing to put their reputation on the line to say it’s safe enough, why should we second-guess them? As for the Iraqi Army taking out a terrorist base.. that’s great.. sometimes I wonder why they always end up in these situations with no armour in reserve. Are there just too many suspected bases to send out tanks and IFVs on each raid, or is there something else going on? Seems to me they might have had a better time if support was 2 minutes away rather than 20+ minutes away.