Thank the gods – The final round of the Geek Contest at Perfidy

Match Point

The hellish parade of dorkzookery is nearing its end.

This is our Pelennor Fields, our forest moon of Endor. Our Aigincourt, our Yorktown, our Flanders, our Carthage, our Waterloo.

And our utter misery. The only thing worse than reading about these guys is apparently being these guys.

How bad is it? Let me put it this way: A guy calling himself “geeklethal” was eliminated from the competition in the early going. This is not for the faint-of-heart or the short-of-pity.

But it ends soon. The contest has entered the final phase.

Buckethead vs. Johnno: Whoever loses, we win.

UPDATE: The more I think about this, the more unease I feel.

Is it really dorky to have played D&D? I mean, I gave a speech on the game in 9th grade speech class. Why is it that so many of these so-called “geek stories” involve things that I did?

And as for Space Camp, I didn’t go. But I wished I could.

These guys seem like they’re my long-lost cousins. And one of them is about to win a dork contest.

Whatever the deal is, their exploits (cringe-worthy as they are) are definitely worth a read.


  1. I just want to announce that my ripostes to Buckethead’s offering has been posted, and the game is on. Go vote! The biggest winner is the biggest loser!!