UPDATE: The Shiavo Slippery Slope?

Mae Magouirk Update – The Contrarian Edition

First off, I’d like to point out the question mark at the end of my (probably ill-advised) post title. I didn’t cover Shiavo at all, except to point out that everyone else everywhere else WAS covering it.

I also am not arguing that this Magouirk story is a sign that the Shiavo dilemma has us on some forsaken path to doom. In fact, I’m not arguing anything. I was simply pointing out what I found to be a really bizarre case.

The woman in question, Mae Magouirk, is out of the hospice and in the University of Alabama-Birmingham hospital and is receiving IV fluids and nourishment. (Thanks to Miss Patriot for the tip in the comments section.) The post I linked to indicates that the hospice is trying to get her back, though. And a different story claims the hospice claims that they don’t deny any patients “food and water at frequent intervals”.

This is just really bizarre. As presented, the granddaughter appears to be crackers and the judge that upheld her claim to have legal control over the grandmother in the face of existing laws and a living will seems beyond belief.

There’s no doubt that much more is going on than meets the eye. But I’m not going to be blogging it. This sort of thing isn’t Murdoc’s cup of tea and I don’t know nearly enough about it to write with any sort of authority.

(Of course, I don’t really know enough about the military to write about it with any sort of authority, but that’s a different matter entirely.)

If you’re interested in this weird story, watch Paul at Wizbang. The Instapundit also has a number of links up today.

This isn’t to say that I might not mention this story from time to time. But I won’t be covering it. MO generally focuses mostly on equipment that kills people and destroys things. Feeding tubes and legal battles over death with dignity are simply out of my sphere.