I wish I had even a little faith that we’re securing the homeland

Most Area Terrorism Funding Not Spent

Washington, DC, has spent only $25 million of the $145 million alloted by the Homeland Security Department over the past three years. That’s 17%.

To be fair, 80% of the money has been allocated to projects.

But I just don’t get the feeling that we’re serious about making America safer. I’m willing to pay to do so, but I’d like to feel that I’m getting something for my money.


  1. This is so typical of the Government ‘addressing’ a problem or issue. The entire process is hobbled with the ‘committee’ syndrome. Gotta talk about it, mull it over, get everyone’s input, talk about it some more, then write it up, review it, talk about it some more, write the report or proposal, send it around for comment or review, talk about the proposed changes, rewrite the damn thing, then vote on the allocation of funds, talk about it some more, vote for the appropriation of funds, then wait for the funds transfer to ‘whatever’ entity or agency is getting the funds to actually get them. Then start the process all over again at the agency level (to implement the plan or action). I wonder if they know I’m available to run the whole show much more efficiently and effectively for them (at an appropriately stratospheric salary of course!). LOL!

  2. Actually, I’d be less surprised if the committee wasted the money on ‘administrative costs’ (i.e. nothing good) and then asked for more. I don’t think this is the sort of problem you can throw money at; at least, the only way I can think of spending money wisely is hiring and training people. It’s not like you can spend the money on an aircraft carrier to make the terrorist problem go away. It doesn’t really work that way. The $25m figure does seem pretty low for a major city though. Still, I think it’s hard to address terrorism on a local basis. Otherwise there won’t be any coherant strategy.