Give me something with a little kick

Forget “no wire hangers!” This is “no plastic guns” territory.

I wonder where Spc. Theodore Amell sits on the caliber debate.

Click for bigger version. Full image here. (via Stryker Brigade News)


  1. He has a pretty good sitting position for an Army dog. He just needs to cinch that sling around his arm to get a good no-muscle position. My units going from the M-16A2 to M-4’s. I want to go the other way and get an M-14 like this stud.

  2. This guy is most likely the spotter in a sniper/spotter team. In which case this is most likely an M-21.

  3. Caliber..schmaliber. Depends on what you want it to do, at what range, and at what recoil and sound signature penalty. No question….bigger equals better killing power. Then you get into a lot of trade off issues like humping around the extra weight, attracting unwanted attention in some scenarios due to more noise production, so on and so on. Then there’s the issue of semi auto vs bolt action (I prefer semi, due to it’s higher rate of fire in multiple target situations). When it’s all said and done…..7.62 x 51 is a more powerful cartridge than 5.56 x 45. Still not what I’d pick for precision target engagement. Make mine .338 LM or…….oh hell; make it .408 Chey-Tac. Hate for ’em to get up after the first round hits! LOL!

  4. That’s a cool photo. One day I’d like to have a go with a 14.5mm rifle. .303s are pretty fun with target practice. 5.56mm just seems too easy 🙂