Fake Blogging – April 13, 2005

Instead of real blogging this afternoon I’m going to settle for some fake blogging instead.

Finger-in-chili woman won’t sue Wendy’s
She has a long history of suing businesses. Sort of like the Wal-Mart Frequent Faller. Only grosser.

New Stryker variant: M1126A Fryker
A light-armored deep fat fryer. (via Stryker Brigade News) Seems more useful on today’s battlefield than the concrete Stryker discovered by ACE some time back.

US Senators wouldn’t do that, would they?

A better option than the draft?
Phil Carter at Intel Dump has argued that a draft might be the right thing to do. Here, he points out some alternatives. Murdoc thinks a draft would be a sign that we’re beaten.

The “Iraqi Tet” Fantasy
Austin Bay on how al Qaeda is trying to play the Vietnam card. Seems hopeless, but you never know where al Qaeda allies will pop up to play along.

3 Britons indicted in terror plot
But shouldn’t they be given a pass since it’s old information? These are the guys that caused the terror alert to be raised in New York and Washington, DC last fall. It was pooh-poohed as fearmongering. The casing of the joints may have happened years ago, but the plot was still active as of their arrest.

Iraq Joins Arabian Gauntlet 2005
The Iraqi navy participated in the Arabian Gauntlet 2005 exercises. That’s something.