It must be working because I haven’t heard a peep in the media

Border project declared success

Washington Times:

The chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus yesterday declared the “Minuteman Project” border vigil a success and invited its organizers to Washington next week to meet with members of Congress.

“Congratulations on your immensely successful Minuteman Project,” Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, said in a letter. “By all reports you have accomplished your primary mission, which was to draw public attention to the deplorable and unacceptable conditions on our borders.

“You have demonstrated that a physical presence on the border will deter illegal crossings, and the world can now see this,” he said.

But I’m not so sure what these statistics really mean:

By the U.S. Border Patrol’s count, the apprehensions so far this month are down by more than 50 percent.
Mr. Tancredo also said Mexican military units have diverted migrants east and west away from a 20-mile stretch of Arizona-Mexico border being patrolled by the Minutemen, “showing that the Mexican government can control the exits if it chooses to do.”

Simply reducing arrests probably just means that illegal crossers are going elsewhere. And the statement that Mexican authorities are diverting illegal traffic away from the Minutmen’s area simply supports this. Crossers are either waiting them out or they’re heading to other sections of the border.

Not that that’s bad. But we’d need Minutemen all along the border to solve this problem. Or (here’s an idea) maybe more Border Patrol agents. Like, say, 2000 a year instead of 210.

But that’s just me.

If the Minutemen shot down a Mexican family, or shot up each other, or accidentally fired on Mexican authorities, we’d be hearing all about it. And rightfully so. But the fact that the only time the story has registered on Legacy Media’s radar since the kick-off was that T-shirt incident tells me who’s on who’s side.

For the record, Murdoc thinks we need more border security and that volunteer “vigilantes” aren’t the way to get it. But it’s a way to get it when the proper channels fail the American people.