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Report clears U.S. in friendly fire incident

From the department of “Who Woulda Thunk It?”:

In Italy, agent Calipari [who was killed in the incident] was given a state funeral, but the investigation found he himself may have committed a fatal error. He reportedly chose not to coordinate his movements with the U.S. military for fear it would jeopardize his efforts to free the Italian hostage. [emphasis mine]

Not only does negotiating with kidnappers undermine the effort in Iraq, failing to coordinate with the US military is asking for trouble from both sides of the issue. There’s no doubt that US forces would have been unhappy if informed of the plan, but at least they wouldn’t have shot them up.

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I’d like to note that this story doesn’t seem to be getting the front page treatment, but at least MSNBC didn’t totally bury it. There’s a link on their front page under “NBC News Highlights”. I’m totally willing to grant that the car bomb story currently headlining the site is a bigger story. A quick glance around doesn’t show anyone else covering the Sgrena story at all, but maybe NBC has an exlusive or something.

I fully expect that as more details of the report come out we’ll see it all over the place that US troops were cleared.

UPDATE: The story has not been on’s front page for most of the morning since I posted this. The “NBC News Highlights” section has been replaced by “Tax Tactics: 2005”. Given that tomorrow is the 15th, I can buy that move.

But the story on how US forces have been cleared of wrong-doing should be covered somewhere, no? Maybe I’m too biased. But ask yourself if MSNBC would be covering the story if US forces were found to be at fault.


  1. I hope this woman and the Italian press APOLOGISE to the US! Especially after purposefully blaming the US the moment it happened.