Spare tire on Stryker

I’ve mentioned before that the Stryker, though not specified to carry a spare tire, has been spotted from time to time with one tossed aboard. Here’s a couple of pictures from Wednesday’s Frontline Photos showing Stryker soldiers from 1-5 INF clearing the wreckage from a car bomb on Tuesday (or Monday…the pics seem to be of the same thing but the captions disagree on the day):

strykertire1.jpg strykertire2.jpg

Not sure if this is a case of troops just doing what they think needs to be done regardless of instructions or if the instructions have been changed. Since virtually all pics of Strykers show them without spares, I’m thinking it’s the former. Another possibility would be that a flat was replaced in the field after a spare was run out from the base, and the damaged tire was tossed aboard to be carried back.

Marine LAV’s usually carry at least one spare, but the expeditionary nature of the Marine Corps usually means they’re left to take care of themselves. Big Green usually has a pretty significant logistics tail supplying spare parts and such, so the need to actually carry stuff with all the time isn’t quite so great.


  1. My experience [Bradleys M3 CFVs & Hummers] was that each unit [squadron/battalion level or higher] had some discretion as long as the TO&E was not altered significantly.

  2. And there’s NO WAY those orange cones are authorized. I’ll bet those Stryker soldiers are going to set up a roller blade slalom course once their shift is over…

  3. Those orange cones are for TCPs (Traffic Control Points, instant checkpoints) … the vehicles are loaded enough without hauling Triton water-filled barriers or HESCOs around. Sometimes Iraqi drivers have trouble seeing concertina wire strung across the road, so we hang chemlights off of them in a pinch if we have noting else. Whatever it takes.

  4. I just returned from a year in Iraq with the first unit of strykers to be deployed. 3rd BDE, 5-20 INF. The spare tires are often thrown on top in case of a flat when they are traveling more than a few clicks from the FOB. Getting a flat in the middle of a hostile town after youve kicked in some doors and taken detainees isnt fun, ask me how i know :). Plus…in the hot time of the year flats are a very common thing. Even though the stryker can drive vitrually unimpeded on only 4 tires, its nice to have a spare. We have changes a flat tire in 12 min with a full vehicle. Luckily I am out now and relaxing at home 🙂 Peace and good luck to my brothers still over there