A picture’s worth a thousand words

This pic (or a pic taken at the same time) was the headline image on MSNBC for a while yesterday for their coverage of terrorist bombings in Baghdad:

Quite a dramatic image, no? It really underscores the continuing chaos in Iraq, and all.

While there’s no doubt that stability in the new Iraq is not total and always under fire, this image is, in fact, of a car bomb being set off by US forces after it was discovered. The Frontline Photos (April 14th) caption reads

A car bomb is detonated by U.S. troops after it was discovered at the scene of a double car bombing in Baghdad on Thursday. The initial attack killed 18 and wounded three dozen others, but no one was injured in this controlled explosion. The sign at left reads ‘Keep Your City Clean’.

You may have noticed that Murdoc has a pretty thin skin when it comes to misleading or inaccurate information or impressions created by the media. Especially when it concerns our campaigns in the World War currently raging.

If MSNBC thought this was actually a picture of one of the fatal bombs going off, then it’s an honest mistake. But call me skeptical. There’s no doubt that yesterday’s bombings are bad news. And there’s no doubt that the events warrant coverage. But using an image to say one thing when it’s really a picture of another isn’t really all that honest, if you ask me.


  1. And I thought ‘military intelligence’ was an oxymoron. Honest Press has got that beat the world over.